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Phone in Solution

Solution for Mobile Workforce

Phone-In Solution

Access anytime, anywhere with kiosk capability & self-service for a mobile, transient, or geographically diverse workforce.

Product Overview

The NOVAtime Phone-In, or IVR, System is completely integrated with the NOVAtime Time and Attendance/Workforce Management solution. It enables employees to simply dial a telephone number to clock in/out, perform job transfers, hear their work schedules, and utilize many other great workforce management features in real time, without data polling.

The NOVAtime Phone-In system supports caller-ID lockout so employees must call in from a pre-defined list of phone numbers. It also supports automatic group transfers that allow employees to be automatically transferred to a specific job or department when they call in from a defined phone number.

Telephone punch functionality is typically used for companies with employees working at remote locations or with a mobile workforce, such as construction businesses, housekeeping services, and home health care providers. Employees can access the system anytime, anywhere, using their own phone!

Key Employee Features & Functionality

  • Punch in and out; receive punch confirmation via text message.
  • Apply customizable job and/or department transfers.
    • Single-level group transfer (i.e. job transfer).
    • Multi-level group transfer (i.e. department transfer followed by a job transfer).
    • Listen to work schedules, updated and reported in real time.
    • Receive work schedules through text message (optional).
    • Report absences or sick time.
    • Receive recorded voice messages from supervisors.

Key Supervisor Features & Functionality

  • Lockout based on the caller ID so that employees cannot punch from unauthorized phone numbers.
  • Lockout based on employee work schedules.
  • Perform automatic group transfer based on caller ID.
  • Deliver recorded voice messages to employees.


  • Utilizes push technology to provide real-time data—no polling or data collection required.
  • Eliminates the need to wait for hard copy paperwork.
  • Decreases supervisor data entry time for field employees.
  • Increases employee involvement in daily workflow processes (i.e. punching, scheduling, etc.).
  • Increases communication efficiency between employees and supervisors.
  • Provides easy remote schedule management.
  • Provides scalability to meet the requirements of as few as 5 or as many as 5,000+ employees.
  • Available in English and Spanish.
  • Fully integrated—no 3rd party and support headaches necessary.
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