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NT 7000Lite Push Technology Smart Clock

Push Technology Smart Clock

NT 7000Lite Push Technology Smart Clock

An affordable alternative to the standard NT7000 smart clock, the NT7000Lite is a smart clock with a modern, versatile design, large color touchscreen, and full kiosk capabilities, making it convenient for employee self-service.

Product Overview

Designed for today’s cloud computing environment, the NT7000Lite meets the growing need for heightened security and accuracy, while providing a user-friendly interface through its vibrant touchscreen and large numeric keypad.

Available with either a biometric fingerprint reader or proximity reader, the device collects important workforce data with unmatched precision, using innovative push technology to seamlessly and automatically “push” time punch data to the server in real-time or periodically. New hires can also be automatically “pushed” down from the server to time clocks in real-time or periodically.

The NT7000Lite offers powerful kiosk capabilities for self-service, including time punch, transfer, and input of hours (for example, sick or vacation), making it an ideal standalone workforce management solution. The durability of the clock also makes it suitable for all types of workforces and workplace environments. For more on the durability of the NT7000 clock, including the IP63 rating of its front panel, click here.

Key Employee Features & Functionality

  • Punch in and out with your fingerprint or proximity badge.
  • Transfer multi-level groups to support labor costing needs.
  • Input sick leave hours, vacation hours, personal leave time, etc.
  • Optional automatic punch reminders for employees via NOVAtime’s Native Mobile App, powered by the beacon technology upgrade for the NT7000

Key Supervisor Features & Functionality

  • Input tips, bonus dollars, etc.
  • Configure employee schedule lockouts.
  • Access employee timesheets, work schedules, accrual balances, and performance tracking data.
  • Send private messages to employees.
  • Enforce employee schedule or meal lockouts.


  • Utilizes push technology to provide real-time data—no polling required.
  • Optional Lumidigm fingerprint reader provides unparalleled performance through the use of the fastest commercial-based fingerprint matching algorithm.
  • Offers self-service functions for employees who do not have access to desktop computers or are not located near an HR office.
  • Supports after-hours inquiries and acts as an extension of your HR department.
  • Maximizes employee productivity by providing self-service tools that reduce manual employee-to-management requests.
  • Supports full leave management via the schedule request system.
  • Provides seamless communication with the NOVAtime server.
  • Offers simple deployment (with the built-in Ethernet adapter, all you need is internet connection via HTTP access).
  • Offers easy support and maintenance.
  • Ensures accuracy and reliability, eliminating questions or concerns about your Time & Attendance / Workforce Management processes.
  • Features a user-friendly, durable touchscreen.
  • Biometric option provides ease of use and cost-savings—your finger is your badge!
    • Saves the time and cost of creating and administering badges.
    • Eliminates buddy punching.
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