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Mobile Solutions

Available for iOS and Android devices

Time and Attendance Apps for all Mobile Users

A great solution for your mobile workforce. Available for all major mobile platforms with automatic punch reminders and automatic geofencing for punch lockout or transfer.

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Product Overview

NOVAtime’s Mobile Applications, NOVAmobile, are available in the App Store and Google Play. Designed with today’s demanding workforce in mind, NOVAmobile offers true workforce management / time and attendance functionality on the go. Whether you are a remote employee or a manager in the field supervising a team of employees, our time and attendance apps offer the flexibility to accomplish critical workforce management tasks wherever and whenever needed.

NOVAmobile incorporates the latest features to transcend time and attendance and become a strategic part of the daily management of your company from an HR, Payroll, and Accounting perspective. NOVAmobile is easy to configure and install. It provides secure access to only those authorized to use the time and attendance apps. General validation procedures also simplify deployment across large organizations and those supporting BYOD (bring your own device) policies.

Key Employee Time and Attendance Features

  • Clock in and out
  • Input missed punches
  • Perform job/project transfers
  • Automatic time punch lockout based on the GPS location
  • Geofencing – Automatic job or department transfer based on pre-defined geographic coordinates or the address associated with a job or a department
  • Review work hours for the entire pay period
  • View work schedules for the current and following weeks
  • Request sick leave hours, vacation hours, personal leave time, etc.
  • Review time-off request statuses
  • Submit FMLA requests
  • Submit expense reports
  • Submit timesheet
  • View and edit employee profile/personal data
  • Automatic punch alert using the beacon technology. See this document for more information
  • Meal punch reminder using the beacon technology. See this document for more information

Key Supervisor Workforce Management Features

  • Review and manage employee timesheets, including editing existing times, add and delete times
  • Approve employee timesheet
  • Team punch – build your team on the go with easy punches and transfers throughout the workday
  • Review, approve and decline time-off requests
  • Manage expenses
  • View FMLA cases/requests
  • Supports Find My Employee feature, able to track employees indoors using Beacon technology and outdoors using GPS technology


  • Maximizes the use of mobile devices
  • Allows advanced features, such as Off-line Punching – In instances of lost internet connectivity, punches can be stored locally until connectivity is restored
  • Time and Attendance Apps support GPS functions and will store the approximate address where the punch occurred, enabling supervisors to verify mobile employees’ punch locations
  • Attach receipts to expenses

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