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Mobile Employee Time Clock

Designed for mobile and remote workforces. Fully integrated with the core NOVAtime solution in a variety of mobile time clock options.

Mobile Employee Time Clock Phone Solution

Today’s workforce is a mobile workforce. It is a workforce that rarely sets foot in corporate offices, that instead works from home or at remote worksites. It is also a nimble workforce that must meet constantly changing demands and 24/7 global cycles, all while staying compliant with complex labor laws.

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Product Overview

NOVAtime has designed a suite of mobile solutions, all fully integrated with our core system, to meet the needs of virtually any type of mobile workforce. Whether your workforce prefers to tap a smartphone icon or make a good old-fashioned phone call, NOVAtime’s mobile employee time clock solutions will allow them to accomplish many of their key timekeeping tasks, including clocking in/out, requesting time-off, and consulting schedules, on the go.

SIP phone-in/IVR system

No internet at your worksite? Sounds far-fetched in these hyper-connected times, but it does happen. For mobile workers who do not have internet access at their worksites, NOVAtime’s SIP Phone-In Solution allows them to perform key timekeeping tasks, such as clocking in/out and consulting work schedules, by simply dialing a phone number. To ensure employees are only clocking from authorized numbers and specific locations, the system also supports caller ID lockouts and auto-transfers that clock employees into designated sites. Ideal for construction businesses, housekeeping services, and home health providers.

Web punch

Completely web-based, the entire NOVAtime solution is accessible anytime, anywhere. To access the solution, all that is needed is an internet connection and standard web browser—no additional software required. Mobile-friendly, our web solution can be accessed through any device, whether it’s a PC, tablet, or smartphone, and automatically adjusts its display to different screen sizes. Added benefit: The system’s geolocation tracking option will allow you to see where your employees are clocking in/out from

Native mobile apps for iOS, Android smartphones, and Windows 10 smartphones

Fact: 83% of Gen Y sleep with their smartphones. For these workers, NOVAtime’s native mobile apps for Apple iOS and Android platforms are a great way to increase productivity and maintain real-time responsiveness to changing resource requirements. Available for iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ smartphone and tablet devices, and Windows 10 smartphones and tablets.

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