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Flex Clock:

Ruggedized tablet time clock that can go wherever the job takes you

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In your field, work can get dirty. When your workforce is on a worksite and on their feet, it’s important to ensure they are equipped with the tools they need to be productive, wherever the job takes them. Flex Clock is a mobile hardware solution that facilitates employee punching wherever they may be. Unlike other app-based clocks, the Flex Clock provides the employer with complete control and security with a ruggedized tablet and full support. 

Increase Productivity

Flex Clock helps drive efficiency and productivity so employees can focus on the job at hand. With minimal disruption your workforce can complete necessary time tracking tasks that help: 

  • Improve productivity with the ability to have one clock for many employees to complete time punches, transfers, and tracking of breaks wherever they are working.
  • Create consistency in the field with the same time clock experience no matter where your workday takes place.
  • Allow supervisors to complete group functions in the field such as punch in/out, job transfer, and meal breaks. 

Help Drive Compliance and Security

With the need to meet ever-changing compliance regulations, Flex Clock can help ease the burden by: 

  • Reducing time clock fraud at off-site locations with facial recognition and biometrics to eliminate buddy punching. 
  •  Performing time tracking functions with company-owned hardware instead of employees’ personal cell phone apps. 
  • Knowing you have complete control over settings and security. 

What Makes Flex Clock Different

  • Powered by our industry-leading Time software 
  • Features one-to-many time punches and facial recognition with consent 
  • Does not require a wall mount; it can be as mobile as your workforce 
  • Rugged design to withstand harsh working environments