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Time Tracking Software

Intuitive that tracks time for attendance, clients, and projects

A superior Time Tracking Software should be intuitive, configurable, efficient, and accurate to transform business.

In an ever-changing economy and business environment, the one thing that can help a business control costs is an end-to-end workforce management solution. How will the NOVAtime Workforce Management Solutions help your company? The answer is, simply, by automating routine tasks, optimizing pay and shift rules, and providing interface options to create detailed labor cost reports. Many large Enterprise companies have turned to our solutions and have begun to leverage the NOVAtime workforce time and attendance system as a strategic tool, as well as a differentiator for their particular industry or vertical market.

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Intuitive and Customizable Time Tracking Software Solutions

NOVAtime’s time tracking software is the most versatile and powerful workforce management solution on the market today, accommodating an unlimited number of pay rules, pay codes, and employees. NOVAtime’s open modular design is parameter-driven, and the system is able to expand with the growth of any organization.

  • Intuitive software that tracks time for attendance, clients, and projects
  • Highly customizable dashboard for administrators and supervisors
  • Configurable rules and automated notification alerts

Time-Saving Features for Timesheets

Through NOVAtime’s Time Tracking Software, supervisors can quickly review, edit, and approve the timesheets of their workforce. Exceptions (e.g., punch, attendance) display on the employee’s timesheet and supervisor’s dashboard in real time, allowing for immediate attention and response.

  • Timestamped audit log tracks all edits and who made the adjustments
  • A note is required for every edit to resolve disputes, and time-saving features include a drop-down menu of reason codes
  • Retro-pay adjustments pays employees retroactively for work already performed, and automatically including the adjustment in the next payroll

Rules Setup with Various Configurations

NOVAtime Time Tracking Software features a parameter-driven Rules Setup module that allows supervisors to modify and track pay rules. Some example of Rules are listed below:

  • Shift rules – scheduled start/end, meals, breaks, and premium parameters.
  • Policy rules – pay period definitions, overtime, punch rounding rules, etc.
  • Holiday rules – paid hours, scheduled day before/after qualifiers, prorate hours based on historical hours worked, etc.
  • Accrual rules – vacation, sick time, PTO, etc.
  • Pay matrix rules – complex shift differential and premium rules.
  • Point system rules – automation of attendance policies.

Workflow-Enabled and Automated Notifications

NOVAtime is workflow-enabled, which allows supervisors to configure workflow approval levels for timesheet editing. This allows for automated notifications for events requiring attention (e.g., pending schedule requests, employee no-shows, offline data collection devices) via phone, text message, or email. NOVAtime’s approval levels are flexible and configurable, supporting up to 10 approval steps. The system also features a delegation option if the normal approver requires assistance or is absent.

Self-Service Portals

NOVAtime is 100% web-based for all users, including payroll/system administrators, supervisors, and employees. Employee Self-Service (ESS) accounts are accessed via a PC with a standard web browser, mobile app, data collection device, or Phone-in System.

  • Administration Web Services * – enables administrators to manage and set up the NOVAtime time and attendance systems according to their company requirements.
  • Supervisor/Manager Web Services * – provides managers with information in real-time and features that enable efficient and accurate labor management.
  • Employee Web Services ** – employees can access their own time and attendance data online.

Powerful and Versatile Report Generator

NOVAtime features a built-in report generator with a variety of report categories and templates. This allows users to create reports based on customizable employee and system data. System administrators can pre-configure reports used by supervisors, and access to specific features can be granted/denied based on privileges configured into the system. These powerful reports can also be published to selected system users or emailed to designated supervisors.

  • 150+ pre-installed report templates
  • Reports be customized, saved, published, filtered, and sorted
  • Report output includes Print Preview in the following formats: PDF, Excel, RTF, HTML, or CSV

*Standard Features for NOVAtime SaaS, STAR, STARbox, and Lite

* *Standard Features for NOVAtime SaaS, STAR, STARbox

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