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NOVAtime Mobile App

Extends the functionality of NOVAtime with mobility, live dashboard and real-time features.

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How it works

NOVAtime is pleased to announce the release of the NOVAtimeLive™ in August 2013, available for download at the Microsoft Store. The new solution is designed for Windows 8 PC and Windows RT for Microsoft Surface tablets; it functions as an extension of the NOVAtime 4000 Time & Attendance / Workforce Management cloud-based solution. The new NOVAtimeLive™ utilizes mobility, live dashboard, and real-time features of Windows 8/RT, allowing supervisors and administrators to actively manage their workforces.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Messages: displays time-off request messages submitted by employees.
  • Exception Summary: identifies timesheet exceptions with the Single Sign-on (SSO) capability to directly access NOVAtime without going thru the login process, allows corrections to be made to exceptions within NOVAtime.
  • Approval Status: provides a list of approval levels and their corresponding employee counts with the SSO enabled to access timesheets within NOVAtime.
  • Approaching Total Hours: it generates a list of employees with work hours exceeding the configured threshold, allowing supervisors to actively monitor total hours.
  • Push Device Status: it indicates when the elapsed time since the last communication between a time clock and the server exceeds the configured threshold, allowing administrators/IT personnel to monitor hardware connections.

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