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Our Promise to You

For organizations of all sizes, the burden of managing a workforce is growing. Most workforce management solutions, however, are not keeping up with the changing laws and changing workforces that are driving up labor costs and increasing compliance risk.

We partner with organizations to offer dynamic solutions to manage the growing complexity or managing their workforces.

Our solutions enable our clients to:

  • Control total labor costs
  • Optimize labor utilization
  • Access real-time, actionable data
  • Forecast labor needs and costs
  • Ensure employee engagement, adoption, and mobility
  • Adapt and scale to meet global needs
  • Minimize compliance risk
  • Secure employee data
  • Integrate disparate systems into a finely-tuned whole
  • Transition from legacy systems seamlessly and with accountability

SurePath™ Works for You

Understanding your needs, goals and competitive environment is at the core of our SurePath™ Implementation Methodology. From our very first conversation, through deployment and ongoing service and support, we invest in your success. Through each stage of SurePath™, we put our relationship with you, your team, and your organization first.

“Our implementation of an automated biometric time-clock system was very methodical taking many months, However NOVAtime was very patient with us and helpful in ensuring a very successful roll-out. Their [SurePath] project management process, implementation team, hardware installation, web training, and phone Technical Support all were very effective in resolving our problems and meeting our needs. Kudos to all involved!”

-Mike Esposito of Shelby County Schools


Engaging you in the implementation process means putting you in control. From Formal Discovery to the development of a Relationship BluePrint, we give you the knowledge you need to make sound decisions and have confidence in our Engagement Guarantee.


Technology should change your world for the better. Our Professional Services Teams are comprised of seasoned professionals whose guiding principle is to discover how best to match our technology with your unique needs and circumstances. As part of the discovery process, our advisors and technicians will conduct a thoughtful functional and technical gap analysis and develop a tailor-made project plan that will form the foundation for a successful deployment.


We deliver more than technology assets. To achieve the great possible return on your investment, our service and support teams work with you to ensure you are leveraging our technology to your greatest benefit. As your needs change, our team will ensure that your NOVAtime solutions evolve with you.