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About Us

About NOVAtime

In 1999, NOVAtime Technology, Inc. was founded with the mission to continually research and develop the capabilities of Workforce Management solutions. Driven by forward-thinking people and the latest advances in technology, NOVAtime has gained recognition as a technical leader of the industry and is now one of the largest Time and Attendance providers in the United States. Our solutions automate and simplify time and resource management through the use of innovative technology that controls labor costs and promotes the growth of business.

Among many other accomplishments, NOVAtime was the first in the industry to offer push technology time clocks, demonstrating our capacity to lead the way in technological advancements. We also offer progressive software and hardware solutions that are fully integrated, flexible, reliable, and scalable, with the capacity to fulfill the needs of all industries—our solutions can be seamlessly integrated with virtually any third-party application (e.g. payroll, HR, and ERP systems), making it adaptable to customers’ existing processes.

Here at NOVAtime, we serve customers worldwide, ranging from small businesses with as few as 10 employees at a single site, to enterprise companies with as many as 100,000 employees across multiple locations. We strive to provide the most well-rounded solutions that will allow any organization to run efficiently across all departments and locations. As a result, no matter what industry your business functions in, NOVAtime has a Time & Attendance / Workforce Management solution for you!

A Proud Humanitarian Company

In addition to contributing to business efficiency, NOVAtime contributes to community recovery and development by donating to disaster relief funds and local schools. As a notion of gratitude, we continue to offer aid to the community that has enabled NOVAtime to grow to what it is today.

NOVAtime participates in the Tzu-Chi Medical Foundation’s monthly food distribution and quarterly medical outreach programs at Indian Springs High School in San Bernadino. The two most recent events from June 2018 served food to 400 families and helped 200 patients get medical care.”

In December of 2016, NOVAtime was humbled and honored to receive the Spirit of Giving award from the County of Los Angeles, the State of California Treasurer, and the Tzu-Chi Medical Foundation for its charitable work in the community and beyond. NOVAtime exemplified this spirit of giving when it came to the aid of Ascension Parish Schools, a client who was heavily affected by the 2016 Louisiana flooding. Additionally, we have recently supported victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston and Rockport, and we volunteered our time to earthquake victims in Chiautla de Tapia City, MexicoJoin us in our humanitarian relief efforts. NOVAtime received the Certificate of Appreciation in December 2018, in part for NOVAtime’s ongoing support and contributions to providing free medical, dental, and vision care to those in need and supporting victims of the California’s Camp Fire, the deadliest and most destructive in the state’s history.

Why NOVAtime?

NOVAtime provides complete Time and Attendance / Workforce Management solutions that are fully equipped with badge time clocks, biometric time clocks, proximity time clocks, and web-based kiosk devices, as well as integration capabilities with virtually any human resource or payroll application. Our innovative "push technology" is transparent to firewalls and allows us to support real-time punch retrieval, without data polling.




  • Redesigned and enhanced the timesheet with modern look, feel, and increased functionality using the latest Single-Page Application (SPA) architecture
  • Launched Intuitive Employee Web Services (EWS) Portal utilizing SPA.
  • Enhanced NOVAmobile using beacon technology for punch alerts and meal notifications.
  • Developed ‘Find My Employee’ functionality using beacon technology indoors and GPS technology outdoors.
  • Built the foundation for partner integration using RESTful Services (Web APIs) and embedded access.
  • Ongoing major usability enhancements
    – Multi-level PTO approval engine
    – Daily Timesheet / Multi-Employee editing


  • Extension of NOVAtime compliance engine
    – Automated CRM payroll-based journal reporting
    – FMLA end-to-end workflow, including scheduling
  • Public sector scheduling enhancements
    – PTO bidding
    – Automated Kelly Days
  • NOVApower Analytics brings strategic business intelligence reporting to all user levels
  • Next generation back office tools, NOVAtime CRM and centralized Admin Console, supporting mobile platforms anytime, anywhere
  • The birth of NOVAtime mascots, Noah and Timmy
  • SurePath™ extended to include comprehensive Sales process
  • Received the Spirit of Giving Awards from the County of LA, the California State Treasurer, and Tzu-Chi


  • Released the second generation of native mobile apps. NOVAmobile uses a single source code for the mobility engine, rendering a similar UI.
  • Enhanced the NOVAtime application to support our global presence.
    – Regional localization for NOVAtime 5000
    – NOVAmobile
    – NT7000
  • Implemented the SAML SSO and extended it to NOVAmobile platforms.
  • Built the foundation for a compliance library.
    – California Mandatory Sick Leave
    – Enhanced to support multiple states and localities as new sick leave laws were adopted in 2015
    – Continued the enhancement of the ACA engine


  • Reached one million hosted lives in the SaaS cloud.
  • Successfully launched an exclusive North American NT7000 clock platform.
  • Streamlined architecture utilizing split posting engines to allow full scalability for customers of any size.
  • Evolved the Advanced Schedule Manager (ASM) to support the venue management company of a prominent NFL franchise.
  • Optimized and scaled NOVAtime 5000 to support a sizeable healthcare client install, which was successfully deployed using the SurePath™ Methodology.
  • Utilized the new rugged handheld NT65M barcode scanners to support the venue management company of a prominent NFL franchise.


  • Achieved the 14th year of continued overall growth.
  • Completed an independent audit and achieved SSAE16 Type II compliance.
  • Attained Windows 2012 certification for the NOVAtime 4000 application.
  • Released NOVAtimeLive™, an extended mobility tool for Windows 8/RT.
  • Introduced the next generation NT7000 push clock.
  • Held the first annual NOVAtime user group conference.


  • NOVAtime achieved 13 years of continued overall growth (70% SaaS growth & over 2 million transactions per day).
  • NOVAtime expanded to a secondary data center in New Jersey.
  • The introduction of tablet and mobile control was accompanied by a new, modernized user interface which includes HTML5/CSS3.
  • The NT450 time clock was introduced and quickly became a staff favorite.
  • NOVAtime renewed its Microsoft Gold Partner status.
  • NOVAtime 4000, once again, achieved Plynt™ Application Security Penetration Test Certification.


  • NOVAtime accomplished 12 straight years of continued growth.
  • Introduction of NOVAtime 4000 STARbox incorporated a turn-key 4000 platform and one-touch update capability.
  • SaaS lives grew by 82% as NOVAtime unified the development environment of NOVAtime 4000 STAR, STARbox, and SaaS.
  • NOVAtime raised the bar with new mobile solutions.
  • SurePath™ 2.0 proved successful in both the Enterprise and Public sectors.
  • Released the NOVAtime Native Mobile App for iOS and Android platforms.


  • The corporate office relocated to Diamond Bar, California to kick off the new decade in a larger environment to facilitate the internal growth that accompanied 10 years of business growth.
  • NOVAtime attained Microsoft Front-Runner Designation and continued to leverage and lead with technology through Cloud Computing.
  • Total subscriptions to NOVAtime 4000 SaaS increased by over 95%.


  • NOVAtime established a strategic alliance with an industry-leading HR solution provider, raising the bar and paving the way for company growth.
  • NOVAtime earned Plynt™ Application Security Penetration Test Certification.
  • NOVAtime became a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner.
  • Introduction of NOVAtime 4000 STAR provided a licensed option for clients to host the solution on-premise.


  • Establishment of the NOVAtime Change Control Methodology brought about quality assurance through change and release management processes.
  • NOVAtime developed the SurePath™ Methodology that brought best-practice implementation across NOVAtime departments.
  • The release of the hosted NOVAtime 4000 SaaS model made the powerful Workforce Management solution 100% web-based.
  • NOVAtime’s new, innovative technology surpassed all others in the industry.
  • Built a roadmap for the NOVAtime Native Mobile App.


  • NOVAtime became one of the first in the industry to utilize push technology, offering time clocks that removed the need for data polling and enabled real-time data collection.
  • This advancement gave NOVAtime the technology for full integration with NOVAtime Enterprise Web Services (NEWS), enabled offline automation, and centralized administration for all hardware and security.
  • NOVAtime also introduced its Business Process Re-engineering (BPR program) that aligned people, processes, and technology in order to achieve business efficiency and best practices.


  • Utilizing the Microsoft .NET Roadmap, NOVAtime continued to expand its product line with the release of NOVAtime 3000, a complete client/server, web-enabled solution for businesses of all sizes.
  • Strategic alliance with the best intelligent staffing provider established NOVAtime as a frontrunner in the industry.
  • NOVAtime also began distinguishing itself from the competition with true load balancing, architected to scale to meet client demands.
  • Amidst this growth and advancement, NOVAtime continued to strive for excellence by building a strong foundation for the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.


  • NOVAtime began building from the ground up, using a multi-tier design, OOPs, and UML, establishing a strong, scalable framework for future development.
  • NOVAtime’s first product release, NOVAtime 2000, brought an innovative and comprehensive solution to mid-sized companies of up to a thousand employees.
  • The release of NOVAtime 1000 made the powerful solution more accommodating for small businesses of up to a hundred employees.
  • NOVAtime also developed and introduced the Bug Buster Program.